Perfect Moose Greg is a ‘gregarious’ kind of foamer who likes holding hoofs with your espresso machine. Connect Moose Greg to your espresso machine and they will share its boiler to create those tiny microbubbles you want.

Want Moose Greg to partner up with your espresso machine? Just be sure it produces a constant steam pressure using a separate steam boiler or multi-boiler technology. Greg likes a steady partner…



Jack the Perfect Moose stands on its own. Equipped with a boiler at the back, this solitary Moose works completely independently.

Foamer Jack can be placed wherever you like but his favourite spot is next to your rinser. Best way to start quality foaming is always with a cool & clean smart jug. When counter space is tight, you can detach the water heater and place it in the vicinity of the frother. Handy, right?

Magic? Just Smart Tech.

Perfect Moose always works as a combination of a
Moose apparatus + a smart Moose pitcher.

Milk SteamMilk Steam

Moving Steam Wand

The wand automatically copies every exact move a barista makes, preset per recipe.

Hands Free Display

No complicated menus. No room for error. Just follow Moose instructions.

Easy Clean Nozzle

Obligatory steam flush after each cycle. Hygiene guaranteed.

Smart Moose Eye

Monitors the exact temperature of the chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle.

Smart Moose Pitcher

The RFID tag on the bottom triggers the apparatus to start steaming.

Scale Pitcher Holder

Scale Pitcher HolderMeasures the amount of liquid and adjusts the steaming cycle accordingly

Smart Pitcher

  • Feed Perfect Moose the right brainfood and he’ll jump right into action.

    At the bottom of each Moose pitcher, a smart RFID tag is attached.

    This tag contains the brainfood and thus all the right triggers for the Moose to start steaming according to the right recipe.

Available Jug Options

Jug Sizes

35 cl

50 cl

75 cl

Available Colours




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